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I really debated posting these—they are, after all, ridiculous. But I took them because they made me feel good. I spend a lot of time being exposed and touched as part of my illness, and never on my terms. So I decided to expose and represent myself my way.

There are pretty strict rules about who gets to be sexy. Most of the time, as a conventionally attractive average sized white cis girl, I fall pretty well within the bounds of visual acceptability. But today I’m covered in electrodes. My illness is suddenly extremely visible and my body is no longer acceptable. Medicine objectifies and desexes me and culture ignores me. So, fuck that. I’m representing myself. Sick is femme too.

Also, enjoy my boobs I guess.


Ehlers-Danlos swings me wildly back and forth over the line between being in/visibly disabled, depending on the day. Consequently, able bodied privilege with regards to this part of my presentation fluctuates at the same rate.  I’m treated very differently when I present in my braces, with a cane, walker or wheelchair than when I’m bipedal and merely bendy.  I get hit on when I pass and “helped” when I don’t. It was destabilizing until I started treating it all the same, but it’s still disheartening and makes me feel icky. These days when somebody complements my cool rings, I let them know my little exoskeleton hand arose from a functional need.  

Also, thanks for the boobs. 

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